Fleur Ravensbergen

Fleur Ravensbergen, assistant director and co-founder of the Dialogue Advisory Group, has spent almost a decade to this day mediating between armed groups and governments. Her effort is aimed at initiating reconciliation, peace and disarmament. Among her achievements are the contributions she made to the establishment of ceasefires in Northern Ireland and the Basque country, and the creation of dialogues in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Iraq. Subject to be announced.

Frank Majoor

Frank MajoorFrank Majoor has fulfilled many diplomatic functions in the Netherlands and abroad. With a background in disarmament and security affairs he became secretary-general of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for the daily coordination of the Ministry. Consequently he became head of the permanent representation of the Netherlands in the United Nations, followed by head of the permanent representation of the Netherlands in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Together with Herman Schaper, Frank Majoor will lay out his vision on the development of the UN and multilateral organizations from past century to the present.

Mr. dr. Otto Spijkers

Otto Spijkers is Lecturer of Public International Law at Utrecht University, Senior Research Associate with the Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea (NILOS), and researcher with the Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL). He is a member of the Committee on the Role International Law in Sustainable Natural Resource Management for Development of the International Law Association, and guest lecturer for Amnesty International the Hague. As experienced chair of panels on various global challenges, Mr. Spijkers will chair the General Assembly on the second day of the conference. Afterwards he will talk about the Dutch Association for United Nations (NVVN).

Reginald Hernaus

Reginald Hernaus is an experienced Dutch delegate in the field of pollution reduction. He is member of the panel of the Stockholm convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (also known as POP’s) and a frequent guest speaker at environmental summits. At various conferences Mr. Hernaus represents the Netherlands in overseeing the implementation of environmental treaties like the Kyoto protocol. As Lead Negotiator Chemicals and Wastes of the International Affairs Directorate of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and environment he will talk about the reduction of chemical pollutants.

Marriët Schuurman

Aankondigingen voorgaande bijeenkomsten

Marriët Schuurman is the head of the mission for the membership of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Security Council. Prior to this function she was the Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security in the NATO. During the opening ceremony she will talk about the position of the Netherlands in international diplomacy and her vision for a more effective Security Council.

Prof. Drs. Herman Schaper

Herman Schaper, currently professor at the Faculty of Global Governance and Affairs and member of de Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal (Upper House of the Dutch Parliament), has had many diplomatic functions throughout his life. Most notably, he has been the head of the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and subsequently the head of the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands in the United Nations. Mr. Schaper will talk about the skills needed to function as an ambassador in international organizations and in culturally diverse countries.

Jahkini Bisselink

Jahkini Bisselink, Dutch youth representative to the United Nations General Assembly, will be speaking at our opening ceremony. In accordance with the conference’s theme Idealism versus Realism, Jahkini will speak about her daily activities as a youth representative, pragmatic policy-making and the importance of youth activism.

Ben F. Klappe

During his life-long legal career in international organizations, Ben Klappe has developed an expertise in military and humanitarian law: as special assistant to the Military Adviser of the United Nations; military judge of the district court in the province Gelderland; he served as Chief of Staff Rule of Law in the NATO Afghan support mission and as a senior military expert at the UN headquarters in New York. Based on his experience in two Dutch ministeries, the N.A.T.O. and U.N. Mr. Klappe will present an in-depth analysis of a committee-specific issue. Mr. Klappe will be the committee-specific speaker in either the Security Council or DISEC. Subject to be announced.