Minerva (Model) United Nations in Leiden, NetherlandsĀ 

Minerva United Nations originated from the student association L.S.V. Minerva in Leiden. Our association's core ideals are academic and social growth. A Model United Nations conference facilitates intellectual conduct, stimulates diplomatic ambitions and creates a platform for social interaction. These traits have led L.S.V. Minerva to set up the Minerva United Nations initiative, in order to engage our members and other students to analyze and solve global challenges. We believe that these challenges require a multi-displinary approach, a need not hard to satisfy in a city as diverse as Leiden. Not only the academic possibilities are abundant, the student culture in Leiden is uniquely wonderful. We hope to become a stepping stone for students who wish to improve the world. Be part of our first event and develop your talents and knowledge about global issues.

Minerva United Nations board 2017-2018:

President: Laura de Bie
Secretary: Godelieve Verburg
Treasurer: Floris van Wieren
Intern : Robin Kautz
Intern : Bob-Jan Kreiken
Extern : Iris Swinkels