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The board of 2018 proudly presents you the after movie of the first Minerva United Nations conference. We thank all delegates and chairs for their participation and our partners who helped us make the first conference a great success. We can't wait to see what next year's board will bring.

After movie made by: Trip to the Moon Films

Don't forget to watch in HD!

A special thanks to: Fonds 1818 and LUF Studentleden (CASSA)

The first conference of Minerva United Nations has come to an end! We would like to thank all chairs and delegates, you made this weekend even better than we could have imagined.
The pictures and the aftermovie will follow soon!

Some participants forgot to pick up their certificate of participation. Do you still want to get yours to hang above your bed? Send us a pm.

- The Minerva United Nations Board

Sunday - Minerva United Nations Conference
Photos from Minerva United Nations - open for all students's post

“Dutch diplomacy is not based on the principle of power, but on the power of principle.” - Marriët Schuurman

The first Minerva United Nations conference officially started with our opening ceremony this morning. We enjoyed two speakers who elaborated their vision on our conference’s theme: ‘Idealism vs. Realism: Power and Responsibility in the 21st century’.

Marriët Schuurman, Head Taskforce for the Kingdom of the Netherlands’ membership in the Security Council, discussed how the line between idealism and realism blurs in Security Council debates. In order to create a safer world, you need to have an idealistic vision, yet respect other states’ opinions and accept the difficulties of decision-making.

Erik Noordam of the Dutch Ministry of Defense focused his speech on UN peacekeeping missions, explaining where idealist policies and realistic action cross each other. He also mentioned how to gain trust from the local population, an essential part of an UN mission.

The first debating sessions of Saturday have come to an end. Currently, our ambitious hard-working delegates and chairs enjoy some drinks on the roof terrace while a grand dinner awaits them downstairs.

Opening Ceremony - Minerva United Nations
Saturday - Minerva United Nations Conference


At 9.30 o'clock we will kick off the first Minerva United Nations conference with the opening ceremony in the Trianon cinema. We are looking forward to the speeches of Jahkini Bisselink (UN Youth Representative), Erik Noordam (Ministry of Defense) and Marriët Schuurman (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) about their views on our theme: 'Idealism vs. Realism: Power and Responsibility in the 21st century'.

All participants are welcome at the cinema from 8.45 o'clock onwards to register. See you soon!

For all participants: yesterday you have received an e-mail with some crucial information about the upcoming weekend! Hereby the highlights:

- Doors open on Saturday: 8.45u
- Location: Trianon cinema, Breestraat 31 Leiden
- Dress code: formal business attire (no jeans and sneakers!!)
- Don't forget: laptop + adapter

Just three more nights until the conference!