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Hi everyone, just a heads up as we received some questions about the possible ways of registration:

Delegate: via the googledocs form

Chair: via the googledocs form. If you have experience in MUN you will get the option to apply as a chair, this is embedded within the standard form. We’ll get in touch with you after your submission.

Delegation: please send us an e-mail at or a personal message on Facebook for further details.

Don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any other questions!

Have you ever wondered what it’s to work at the United Nations or the NATO?

We proudly present

Herman Schaper and Frank Majoor

as speakers during our workshops! They both fulfilled the honourable jobs of Head of the Permanent Representation of The Netherlands at the UN and at the NATO.

Get inspired by the interactive lecture about their lives as diplomats and their views on world politics!


Registrations have opened and places are filling up!
Minerva United Nations is a great way to boost your cv. Get inspired by interesting guest speakers, improve your skills in public speaking and lobbying and broaden your network during the included dinner and HIFI party!

Sign up now!

We are honoured to announce Fleur Ravensbergen as one of our speakers during the workshops!

Fleur Ravensbergen is co-founder and assistant director of the Dialogue Advisory Group. She has spent almost a decade to this day mediating between groups in conflict areas. Her effort is aimed at initiating reconciliation, peace and disarmament. Examples of her achievements are her contributions to the disarmament of armed groups in Northern Ireland and the Basque country, and the initiation of dialogues between armed groups in warzones in Iraq and the Democratic Republic of Congo in order to reduce violence.

Get an insight in how to resolve war with words, not with weapons. Learn about the power of lobbying and mediation by signing up for Minerva United Nations.

Do you want to know more about Fleur's work? visit:

-- Registrations for Minerva United Nations are open --

REGISTRATIONS for both delegates and chairs ARE NOW OPEN!
Click on this link!
Don’t forget to press send at the end

Registrations for both delegates and chairs are now open!
Click on this link!
Don’t forget to press send at the end

In just three days you can apply for Minerva United Nations! The participation fee is €50,-. What do you get for that?

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We would like to point out the fact that not only Minerva members, but all other students (either Dutch or internationals) can attend Minerva United Nations!

So, tag all your study buddies, high school friends, housemates and all others who might be interested in this event.

Take a look at our website to find out more about the conference!

— registrations open January 15th —