Overview of the Minerva United Nations Programme


Workshop 1 (03/04)
During the first workshop delegates will be taught about: MUN (Model United Nations) rules of procedures, the requirements of a resolution, public speaking and the requirements of the position paper. In a position paper a delegate will research a country's stance on the issues to be discussed during the conference. This has to be handed in prior to the conference and serves as reference work to help the delegate to an overview of the problem and formulate arguments during the debating sessions.

Workshop 2 (10/04)
The second workshop will address the United Nations and useful diplomatic skills like problem analysis and consensus building. Enjoy the stories of experienced UN-diplomats and ask questions to increase your knowledge about global politics. The second part of the workshop is about the ''realism'' aspect of our theme, the ability to get things done. Learn from a professional mediator how to set and achieve common goals through dialogue and convince opposing parties.

The workshops will be held on April the 3rd and April the 10th from 19:30 - 22:30 at Breestraat 50, Leiden.

Conference and Theme

Conference (21/04-22/04)
The conference will be held during the weekend. All participants are obliged to attend the formal program and expected to attend the informal program. The conference starts at around 9:00 on Saturday morning. When everybody has completed the registration, the opening ceremony at 10:00 will mark the beginning of the conference. In the evening, after having spent various hours working of debating, everybody can blow off steam during a joyful dinner in the hall of our student association.

The second and last day of the conference starts with a lecture in each committee about a committee-specific issue. During Sunday it is essential that resolutions are finalized and contain detailed strategies. At the end of the day all participants will receive certificates of participation. We will also hand out nominations for the best delegates.

All information will be uploaded on the website: Conference 2018->Information Files.

Minerva United Nations is open for 200 students who will be distributed among seven committees.

Conference Fee
The conference fee of €50 covers entrance to both workshops and conference, two lunches on Saturday and Sunday, a three course dinner on Saturday evening, entrance to the HIFI party on Saturday night, and a certificate as proof of your participation. The conference fee applies to both delegates and chairs.