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About the conference
Who is eligible to apply for the conference?

The conference is open to all students. Both Dutch and international students of any field of study are welcome to apply.

What is the dresscode?
Because the conference is a simulation of the United Nations, all participants must wear formal western business attire.
Where will the conference be held?
The location of the conference and workshops is Breestraat 50, Leiden. The opening ceremony will be held on an external location close to the venue (to be announced).

About Model United Nations
Can I participate without any MUN experience?

Indeed, all delegates will be prepared during two workshops on April the 3rd and 10th. However, we expect delegates to be motivated to learn and debate.

What are delegates and chairs?
In each council or committee countries are represented by delegates who formulate their countries' stance on a topic and preferences for a resolution. Chairs simply chair the debate and guarantee that the debate adheres to the rules of procedure and each delegate has equal chances of speaking. Each council or committee is equipped with two chairs, one overseeing the debate and the other the resolution. Moreover, chairs prepare an in-depth analysis of an issue and state what a resolution should consist of.