Welcome to Minerva United Nations Leiden – The Hague

Minerva United Nations is a model united nations conference in Leiden for university students throughout Leiden and the Netherlands. Past April our first conference, attended by nearly hundred students, successfully came to an end. Our event aims to combine both academic professionalism with informal social sessions. During the conference diplomats and other speakers share their skills and knowledge acquired from years of experience in diplomacy. At the conference delegates discuss global challenges in various UN Councils and GA Committees.

The lay-out of the Minerva United Nations conference 2018 has proven a successful formula for fruitful and educational debate on complex issues. We hope to equip students with essential soft skills like public speaking and problem solving, in order to become a stepping stone for future diplomats in the Leiden – the Hague region, but also for those wanting to learn more about the United Nations and wanting to be inspired by speakers and other students.

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Aftermovie of the 2018 Minerva United Nations conference

Model United Nations

Learn about the UN and develop essential skills like public speaking and problem analysis during our new MUN conference in Leiden.


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